Alexander McQueen.


Today felt like a sad day. Even before I heard about poor old Alexander McQueen, such a sad thing, it always is when someone takes their own life.

I wore some pink shoes that he designed once and they were beautiful. I couldn’t walk in them.

It’s ok for it to be a sad day, anyways. Not every day can be a happy day. Just so long as we are mindful and accept it and make tomorrow a less sad day. Anyhoo, with the help and contributions of lots of my Twitter followers we made a playlist that reflects the tone of the day. And I got to hear some new songs. And accept a little more Snow Patrol into my life.

If you are not already doing so, follow me – @hattiewilliams and of course @telegraphswords !

So here is the playlist. Enjoy.



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#31. Thrice photos.

A couple of snaps from the Thrice shows 🙂

Good plan.



For more pictures, check out

Quick note: The DJ set on the 24th has been cancelled, Gary was gonna play crap songs anyway, come to the 17th instead, much better.

Samwise xx

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#30. Live in Leeds!

We’ve been announced for Live in Leeds for 1st of May, along with lots of other amazing bands, check out the line up here:

and get tickets here:


We’ve also written what is in my opinion the best song we’ve ever come up with, exciting!

Sam xo

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#29. Brigade tickets

Click the dates for tickets!

April 21st: Cardiff Barfly
April 22nd: London Barfly
April 23rd: Birmingham Academy 3
April 24th: Manchester Roadhouse
April 25th: Glasgow King Tuts

Cant wait to be up North so I can get some good tasting Irn Bru.

Sam x

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#28. Bestival announced!

So yes, with great excitement I’m aloud to tell everyone we’re gonna be playing Bestival this year. Cant wait!

Check the full line up here, although there will be much more announced in the future:

p.s It’s in September, all dates are on the myspace age page.

Sam x

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#27. Another DJ Set and Show.

Right! We have an amazing show lined up for the coming weeks- It’s with the amazing Xcerts and Ghost of a Thousand. And its in a tiny, sweaty venue. Sounds ace non?

Also, myself and Gary are now DJ’ing at a clubnight called To the Floor at Riki Tik in Brighton, on the 17th. It’s a wednesday, the best day, obviously.

Also, in the last post i put 25th for the DJ set, but its actually the 24th, my bad.

So, Brighton things for the next few weeks to remember:

Weds 17th- DJ set at Riki Tik
Weds 24th- DJ set at Engine Room with amazing live bands
Thurs 25th- Live show with The Xcerts and Ghost of a Thousand at Pav Tav
March 6th- Live show with Doll and the Kicks at Audio

More show announcements coming soon, I cant wait.

Sam xoxoxo

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#26. Brighton show & DJ sets & that.

Hello, how is everyone? Havnt spoken in a while! We have been holed up in our very cold practice room (it isnt really, I wear shorts and a t shirt, Hattie, for some reason, wears 19 hoodies and 14 pairs of leggings, odd one) writing lots of new songs which im really really excited about. They are going to be demoed very very soon. Its all a bit different to the normal Telegraphs stuff you’ve heard, but in a very good way I think.

Brighton cool kids need to come to this:

Hands in the air if you're allergic to feathers.

Its gonna be great, plus we’ll be playing loads off new songs.

Also, DJ Mega Shark and DJ Giant Octupos (me and Gary Yazzle) are playing songs that dont match or make any sense next to each other at The Engine Room on the 25th of this month. Rodeo Death Burger are playing and that alone is enough to be there, they are amazing!

We’re also gonna be playing another DJ set sooner than that but dates are currently being sorted nowa. Ace burgers.

I’m hassling Ed our tech man for pictures he took at Thrice but he goes into hibernation when not on tour so I cant wake him up at the moment, rats.

Heres some pictures, exciting news coming soon for you Brighton lot, keep an ear out.


He lost at ping-pong.

A little bit drunk in Cardiff with my wife.



Also, Vheissu is by far Thrices best album, fact.

Sam x

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