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The Light From Dead Stars

Here it is folks, a collection of demos we created in preparation for the second album that, sadly, never was.

I decided to call it “The Light From Dead Stars” because I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that when a star dies light-years away from earth, we can still see it….. it takes so long for the light to reach us, that to our eyes it still seems to be alive and burning.   And so it is with our band… by the time these songs reach your ears, Telegraphs are already gone.

Thanks again to anyone who was involved with the band, and anyone who ever supported us and cared about the music we made – especially those of you who still care enough to download this collection of songs.

Merry Christmas.  Spread the word and enjoy.

Darcy x

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The Light From Dead Stars

01 I’m Scared Of The Sea
02 We Are So Far From Home
03 Broken Tapes
04 Someone’s At The Door
05 Accidents & Emergencies
06 If You Could See Yourself
07 Bobby
08 The Sky Is Falling
09 In The Court Of The King
10 I Will Make A Home For You



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