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Telegraphs RIP

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to announce that Telegraphs the band is no more.

We have had an incredible five years together and I’m really pleased to say that we’re all still great friends. Of course in many ways that makes it so much harder to let go of the band – it would surely be far easier if we all hated each other, but that is not the case. No. Siree. Bob.

Unfortunately, despite all of our hard work it comes down to simple economics… there was no money to make a second record and we eventually ran out of momentum. As a band we wanted to finish on a high note and not wait for it all to turn bitter.

We want to thank everybody who supported us – everyone who came to a show or bought our album. Anyone who cared about the music we made. We especially want to thank Nicki Forestiero who worked tirelessly on our behalf and was our biggest champion – we love you! Of course a heartfelt thanks goes out to our friends and family who supported us in pursuing our dream together. Also, a big thanks to anyone who has played in the band, helped out by driving us around in Jean-Claude, acted as a tech for us or sold our merch….you all know who you are.

Finally we want to thank the bands that we have played with – especially those with bigger audiences than us, who took us out on the road with them. A list of some of the bands that we have played with follows this message.

Soon I will be uploading the unreleased demos that we have been recording over the past few months. For those that are interested, it will give you an idea of what a second Telegraphs record may have sounded like. The songs are sketches of varying quality, and they will be free to download – the working title for the album is “The Light From Dead Stars”.

Please keep an eye out for members of Telegraphs as they follow new musical pursuits. Sam is already hitting drums in Eager Teeth (

As I said at the end of our last show on Sunday at Bestival – ladies and gentlemen, we were Telegraphs.

Darcy xxx

Just some of the bands we played with;

Manchester Orchestra
Circa Survive
The Get Up Kids
Rival Schools
Funeral for a Friend
Eagles of Death Metal
This City
The Xcerts
The Datsuns
The Dykeenies
Inner Party System
In Case of Fire
Lights Action
Idiot Pilot
Juliette Lewis and the Licks
Save Your Breath
We Are The Ocean
We are the fallen
Doll and the Kicks



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