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#36. NASS Festival and other adventures.

Hello, sorry for the lack of updateness, I’ve been in a small dark damp smelly room that makes almost all music sound horrible. Luckily we have managed to write some songs that pass the room and sound great. In our opinion that is. You will have to come along to one of the many shows we’ll be playing this year to see for yourself!

Kings College earlier in the week was amazing, even though i busted my wrist 2 days before I still had an amazing time, and now my wrist doesnt hurt so thats all good!

We’re playing Relentless NASS festival in Somerset on the 9th of July, come down and party/BMX with us!

We have loads of new tunes, some of which were recorded and sound immensely immense, so we’re all super excited.

Also, Eddy our tech has recently bought a ‘tech box’, so he is now officially in our crew, he doesnt get paid much/anything but still does the best job to make Hatties gear work because she seems to break anything electrical within a 5 miles radius. Kinda like an EMP on legs! You’ll have to watch 24/play COD to get that one i guess.

Since i last wrote i have discovered loads of incredible bands, here are a few for you to check out:

Moving Mountains: Foreward E.P
Midlake: The Trials of Van Occupanther
MeWithoutYou: It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All A Dream It’s Alright

Yes they all begin with M, yes you’ve probably heard of them before me, I thought Madonna was a breakthrough artist.

Give peas a chance.



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#35. March update!

Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been busy playing Boggle. This is just a quick update of whats going down in the Telegraphs house, plus i found some old funny pictures I thought I’d share!

Our wonderful tech Eddy took some awesome pictures of us in the last month so I’ll add those up as soon as he can work out how to turn his mac on.

The show at Audio the other day was incredible, massive thanks to everyone who came and made noise with us, It was my favourite gig since we played Koko!

Right, so our show with We Are The Fallen is coming up very soon, right after my birthday infact, so it’s gonna be great!

Tickets are HERE.

March 23rd, be there!

Then we’re off on tour with the awesome Brigade, tickets can be found here (Click the Cities).

Cardiff Wednesday 21st April

London Thursday 22nd April

Birmingham Friday 23rd April

Manchester Saturday 24th April

Glasgow Sunday 25th April

We’ll be playing loads of new songs, some of which we finished demoing last week and they sound amazing, I cant wait to show everyone.

The hottest day on earth in Frankfurt playing with The Get Up Kids.

Geoff Rickly is amazing.

Wayne Bridge.

Yeah they got the name wrong, but when you're under Rival Schools it doesnt matter.

More news coming soon x

p.s Apple flapjack is the bestest.

p.p.s check out this Tattoo shop, its siiick:

Sam x

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