#33. Mean Everything to Nothing.

Alright kids, how’s it going? Our DJ Set on wednesday was amazing, thanks to everyone that came down and pretended to enjoy Garys songs. He got bored pretty quick and I got to play loads of tunes, including:

Mike and the Mechanics- Over my Shoulder
Journey- Any Way You Want It
Elbow- Grounds For Divorce
Thrice- Image of the Invisible

And loaddds more. I did it whilst being rather drunk too, only managed to pause by mistake once, prrreetttttyyyy good.

Right, to the point of this post:

Get your Pav Tav show tickets here:


We arent on the bill according to that, but thats because The Xcerts like to keep us locked in a cake and then we jump out and scare people like this:



It’s gonna be an amazing night and we’re playing a set of all new super songs for you to not clap at the end at, cos they all finish in odd places and people dont wanna be the first to clap, thats the worst isnt it? Perhaps just clap the whole way through, then you’re covered either way.

I said the word clap about 800 times then. Clap.

Then after that, we’re playing this:

Tickets here:


Hopefully Hattie wont fall over like she did when we played Audio ages ago, what a n00b.

That about covers it i reckon, listen to Mean Everything Nothing by Manchester Orchestra because im beginning to think its my favourite album, and thats a very exclusive spot.

Aidos, I meant to put Adios but Aidos sounds wicked.

Sam x


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