#26. Brighton show & DJ sets & that.

Hello, how is everyone? Havnt spoken in a while! We have been holed up in our very cold practice room (it isnt really, I wear shorts and a t shirt, Hattie, for some reason, wears 19 hoodies and 14 pairs of leggings, odd one) writing lots of new songs which im really really excited about. They are going to be demoed very very soon. Its all a bit different to the normal Telegraphs stuff you’ve heard, but in a very good way I think.

Brighton cool kids need to come to this:

Hands in the air if you're allergic to feathers.

Its gonna be great, plus we’ll be playing loads off new songs.

Also, DJ Mega Shark and DJ Giant Octupos (me and Gary Yazzle) are playing songs that dont match or make any sense next to each other at The Engine Room on the 25th of this month. Rodeo Death Burger are playing and that alone is enough to be there, they are amazing!

We’re also gonna be playing another DJ set sooner than that but dates are currently being sorted nowa. Ace burgers.

I’m hassling Ed our tech man for pictures he took at Thrice but he goes into hibernation when not on tour so I cant wake him up at the moment, rats.

Heres some pictures, exciting news coming soon for you Brighton lot, keep an ear out.


He lost at ping-pong.

A little bit drunk in Cardiff with my wife.



Also, Vheissu is by far Thrices best album, fact.

Sam x


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