#18. Tour Tour Tour, London, Aces.

Thrice is next week, we have 2 more practices to finish the new songs. Can’t wait! We now have a really strong and coherant sound for record #2 which is always promising!

Ed our Tour Manager/tech/fool has just got an awesome SLR camera so lots of wicked pictures will be taken and put on here for you all to see 🙂

Remember, we’re playing London on Monday 25th! It’s at Water Rats, come down come down!

Also, we’re playing in Brighton on March 6th with Doll and the Kicks, which will be gnarly (good word? nahhh).

So yes, sorry for the small update but we have just been locked up in a small room with no windows and what i can only describe as a magical mental keyboard organ thing that has a “magic chord” button. We pressed it, there was no magic chord 😦 Sadness all round.

I cant bloody wait to finally play these songs proper loudly (without Hattie moaning that I’m playing too hard).

I’ll do my upmost to write a daily update each day letting you know the great things Gary has said, how much cider Hattie has consumed and how many shirts Darcy has sweated through. Oh, and how many times we have called Darren ‘Rampage’ and obtained no reaction from him. One day, one day.

Yes, see you there 🙂

Sam xoxoxoxo

p.s here is a picture of a snowman i made with my lovely girlfriend Emma, and our amazing friends Sam and Mads, i say made, me and Sam stole most of it and carried/rolled it to my house.




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