#16. Atticus Diary 2 and Spotify playlist!

Just about everyone is going on about how much it’s snowing, I was up at bloody 6am today doing exercise! To be fair, I didnt know it was snowing until I opened the door, but I gotta get ready for tour and be fit and ready so off i went, pretty much sideways all the way to the gym.

I have a little present for you all, click this link and have a listen to a small playlist I’ve made. January Playlist

It has some really amazing songs on it, and a childrens cover of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd, which is rather scary, but I thought it was funny so kept it in.

Also, check out this tour diary from the Atticus Lost Weekend- we didnt make it, hence why its wayyy better.

Check back on Friday for 2 blog posts, there will be a standard update from me and a special guest blog from Gary. It’s great, be there!

P.s thankyou very very much for taking the time to read this! Please show your friends how stupid it is, and keep checking back. I’ll be updating it every day on tour with pictures and stories of the touring abyss. Fun!

Right, off to play Call of Duty. Love you all.

Sam x


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