#14. 2009 in pictures and words!

Alright? How’s it going alright? Tidy.

Before i start, here’s the link for our London show, on Monday 25th of January!:http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=gb_london&query=detail&event=365739&interface=

It’s going to be awesome, and its at an amazing venue, so come down and hear the brand new songs that I keep going on and on about. Then tell me if im completely wrong and they are indeed shit, or that I’m a genius and was telling the truth!

Right, now for the main part of this bloggy blog. 2009 was by far (i cant express this enough) the best year for our band. In every way, the gigs we got to play, the bands we got to watch, the people we met, the songs we wrote, the food we ate and the quotes Gary came out with.

I realised last night when thinking what I was going to put in this post just how many incredible bands we’ve had the priveldge of playing with. So to all that made it possible and to those bands, we cant thank you enough, it really does mean the world to have these oppotunities. 2010 will be even better im sure, and I cant wait!

I’ve picked some photos from our travels and journeys across the UK and Europe that I think might help sum up how much fun we’ve had. I’m sure I will forget some bands, but we shared stages with:

InnerPartySystem, In Case of Fire, Lights Action, Thursday, Eagles of Death Metal, Rival Schools, The Get Up Kids, Funeral For a Friend, Save Your Breath, Brotherhood of the Lake, SometimeNever, The Deering, Dinosaur Pile Up, Pulled Apart by Horses, Juliette Lewis and the Licks, This City, The Xcerts, Spy Catcher, The Dykeenies, Last Days of Lorca and many many more amazing people and musicians!

We also played festivals such as Oxegen (which was pretty much one of the best moments of Telegraphs for me so far), T In the Park (i got to watch The Killers from side stage play to 80,000 people, that was pretty sweet), Guilfest, Ben and Jerries, Truck, In the City, Boardmasters, The Great Escape and plenty others.

I’d like to thank the boys that came along to most of these shows to help us out with driving/Tour Managing/merch/teching/taking the piss out of Hattie: Eddy, Jason, Arran, Toby, Northern Dave! It’s sometimes very useful to have people that arent in the band to make sure you dont all fight each other (mainly stopping Hattie kill Gary). Also a special thanks to NickiNickiWildWildWest, for being radical.

Right, that just about terribly sums 2009 up, hopefully this time next year I’ll be doing the same awful blog but with more incredible bands and pictures to show you, I’m a little bit excited for this year.

Heres the pictures, enjoy!

Being super cool in Metz, France.

Lewarne in Stuttgart at around 3am looking for Pizza.

Jason chilling out in 40 degree heat in Stuttgart.

Hattie looking very continental in Metz.

Alkaline Trio and 2 blokes from Take That.

Water Rats, the best show of the year for me!

Riding in Jean-Claude, on the way to somewhere?

Charlies Angels.

Shreddies in clothes bag fail. Belfast.

Ferries are THIS boring.

The new Blood Red Shoes- Bored Red Soundcheck.

Hattie not posing whatsoever. Portsmouth,

Standard warm-up with Darrens replacement.

Drum geekness. Last practice before we left for the summer Festivals.

Our view of Oxegen from the Dressing Room.

An alien concept- people helping us load in! Oxegen.

Confusion at Boardmasters.

Wasn't funny at the time. Definatley is now. Toby after falling out of our STATIONARY van.

Gary being cool at T in the Park.

Darcy at Ben and Jerries.

Nicki vs. Eagles of Death Metal.

Going for it at Oxegen. hiii-ya


This is the best.

I think thats enough for now! Hope you like them, coming very soon is a Gary Yay special blog, It’s going to blow your minds!

See you soon.

Sam xxx


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