#12. Girls of the Opposite Sex

We had our last practices of 2009 this weekend. And in my opinion, they were the most productive and exciting of a long time. Saturday we finished 2 songs and really made some changes that everyone agrees make the songs so so much better. I’m extremely excited for people to hear them! We have initially named one “girls of the opposite sex” after Gary got all confused and came out with it.

We all went out Saturday night and somehow didn’t fall over whilst quite drunk (although Darren did ski to work Friday, so he’s a real pro these days). We went to see the awesome Rodeo Death Burger, their singer, Foster, is one of the best/funniest frontmen I’ve ever seen.

Sunday was then a slow start as Darcy couldnt stop shouting “brutes manuva” for at least the first 2 hours of practice. We then finished another 3 songs and again, the changes we made have really made the collection of new songs we have now feel like a record. We’re still going to keep writing, but there are already a good few songs I know will definitely be making it on the final tracklist. Cant wait.

So yeah, everyone’s gone back home to receive terrible presents and to be constantly asked the question “so are you famous yet” and “so do you earn lots of money now?” by distant relatives.

I shall leave you with some pictures you might like 🙂

Pretending to like eachother.


Navigate video




T In the Park

Right, we will see YOU at the Thrice shows. 2010 is going to be an extremly exciting year, and I can’t bloody wait. Thanks to everyone who has helped over 2009, it was incredible. Here’s to the same and more 🙂

Sam xxxx


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