#10. Bands of 2009

I went to see Paramore last night with some friends, they were bloody great.


I thought I’d post some stuff that we’ve been taking influence from during this year, because I know i’m always interested in seeing what bands are listening to.

Heres a rough list, mainly bands I’ve been checking out but I think its safe to say it covers most of us (Darren only listens to Lost Alone, The Beatles and Queen).

Reuben, Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, Wintersleep, Funeral for a Friend, Thursday, Thrice, Save Your Breath, Architects, Paramore, Dinosaur Pile Up, Pulled Apart by Horses, The Xcerts, This City, Heels Catch Fire, Eddie Murphy, Converge, Tegan and Sara, Biffy Clyro, Everytime I Die, Death From Above 1979, Rival Schools, The Get Up Kids, Refused, Saves the Day, Bat For Lashes, Sunny Day Real Estate, Sometime Never, Brotherhood of the Lake, Aereogramme, Editors, Brides, Alexisonfire, Tiger Please, 65 Days of Static, Underoath, Idlewild. Many many many many more.

Sam. x



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2 responses to “#10. Bands of 2009

  1. James

    How were Paper Route?
    I hear they are a pretty impressive live act!

  2. Sadly I only got there in time for the end of YMA6! x

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