#9. A Little new song update.

ITS BLOODY FREEZING isn’t it? I’m literally sitting at my laptop with 500 layers on.

I’m currently waiting for my silly camcorder to finish finalizing some videos from the Atticus tour for me to edit and show you lot, and thought I’d give you a small update on some new shiny songs we have!

You’ll have to bare with me, becuase not all of them have proper names (even though Darcy does tell me most of them, i dont remember/prefer my funny ones).

So, here they are:

Bobby- we play this live now and is personally my favourite track we’ve ever written.

Accidents and Emergencies- This is a slower song, which to me sounds a bit like a happier Brand New.

In the Court of the King- Darcy pretty much wrote this by himself (isnt he clever?!) and I came up with a Manchester Orchestra style drum beat and away we went. This is proper Darcy at his best I think, and i cant wait to play it live.

We are so far from Home- This is now a regular in our live set. Darren seems to write faster and faster guitar parts. This one ended up at 180 bpm and playing it is often related to sitting in a fast as fuck rollacoaster. Listen carefully at the start of this song and you’ll normally hear me or Gary shout “oh noes, here we gooooo”. Because we are sad.

If you could see yourself- This has made a few appearences live also, imagine Alexisonfire if George was a Hattie and Dallas was Darcy.

Broken Tapes- We finished this off last practice, it was super long but we gave it a quick diet and now it sounds super good. Drum wise, i’d say its Bloc Party mixed with Brand New. Cool huh? It has probably one of our best choruses to date!

I’m Scared of the Sea- Hattie wanted a happier song so decided to write one so sugary it gives most listeners diabetes. Not the end of the world though, its still very dark in places, and has the best middle 8 we’ve ever written.

‘DOOM’- Not its final name sadly, but because this is the song Hattie wanted to write thats the opposite of Scared of the Sea ^. After around 4 hours of arguing the toss we managed to find a balance of doom and non-doom. I have a wicked time playing with Gary at the end of this (oo-err) because we decided it’d be best to play as far behind the beat as possible, which makes it feel huuuge.

‘1-2-4’- named after Hatties inability to count to 4 on this song, it has a crazy beginning which we spent a long time working out. Worth it though, because its something we’ve never done before, and whilst it is quite techy, we managed to make it sound very subtle and pretty. It’ll be making its way into our set very soon, as soon as we can work out stopping after 4 hey Hattie.

‘Quiet’- The latest song we’ve started on, Hattie started writing a really beautiful guitar and vocal, and we decided it’d be best to have Kevin (my drum machine/sampler) playing on it, at least at the start. Then perhaps we have a huge instrumental chrous at the end. It’s all yet to be decided 🙂

‘Gary Song’- Orignally title or what? No prizes for who came up with the basis of this song. This is very Saves the Day, still needs a few tweaks but is sounding very nice indeed.

There are obviously a load more half finished songs, but i wont bore you anymore with miniscule details. Its great to have so many different sounds coming together to create a sound that is unique to our band. Its very exciting when you hear them all in a row and there is an underlying theme to them all, even when they sound completely different. As a drummer as well, I’d like to think i play a very big part in the arrangement and rhythms of the songs. This next record is going to sound out of this world, and i cant wait to record it and show everyone!

These are the records I’ve been listening to lately:

Tiger Please- They Dont Change Under Moonlight

Architects- Hollow Crown

Aereogramme- My Heart Has a Wish That You Would Not Go

Rival Schools- United by Fate

Thrice- Beggers

Brand New- Your Favorite Weapon

Check em’.

-Sam xxxxxxxxxx



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3 responses to “#9. A Little new song update.

  1. James

    Fans like early demoes and bootlegs. ;D
    Any plans for that..?

    Good to hear you guys are enjoying writing some new material anyways!

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