#6. Atticus & a little sonsin sonsin

So the Lost Weekend with Atticus was extremely good, I would never have expected so much to happen in such a short space of time. Big shout goes to Sometime Never, Brotherhood of the Lake and The Deering, all awesome bands and and great guys.

Massive thanks to our techs/tour managers/not really either,  Ed and Jase, for being super and helping out and firing fire extinguishers at Gary.

So now we are going to write loads of new songs and create an amazing new album to travel the world with (we hope). The new ones we have at the moment are sounding super good in my opinion and i cant wait to start playing them to people.

I’ll still update this lots with new facts about Gary and also some interesting things.

New videos of the Thursday shows and this weekend will be up soon, promise.

Also, check this band out:  http://www.myspace.com/tigerplease

For a ‘new’ band to sound like this makes me very happy indeed.

Sam xxx



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2 responses to “#6. Atticus & a little sonsin sonsin

  1. Can’t wait for the newie, guys.
    Come back to Cardiff
    Play with Tiger Please, it’ll be a beautiful thing

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