#1. Alright?

Right! So this is our new video/word/picture/amasement blog. It’s nice huh? Yeah it think so too.

Here are some pictures of what we’ve been doing the past few weeks:

Koko was pretty sweet:

Hanging out in Brighton after our show at Concorde with FFAF:

More hanging in Yoevil:

Sexy Welsh/Mancunian boys:

Hattie pretending to DJ:

Looking moody in Liverpool:

The Funeral for a Friend shows were incredible, we met so many awesome people and the guys in FFAF and Save Your Breath were wicked. The Save Your Breath boys are some of the funniest guys we’ve had the pleasure of sharing a stage with.

We also played with Thursday and Poison the Well last night in Birmingham, which again was superb, the guys were dead cool and welcoming as always! We’re really looking forward to playing in Nottingham with them on Friday and going out for Tucker from Thursdays birthday afterwards!

So right now, I was going to stick up cool videos I’ve been filming of us on tour but moviemaker isnt letting me, so hang tight (all 3 of you) and I’ll have them up in no time!

Whilst you are waiting, as a little gift for coming and reading this, check out these amazing videos I’m in love with at the moment:

Thursday, Beyond the Visible Spectrum:

Manchester Orchestra with Brand New and Kevin Devine:


Please add our Twitter if you havn’t already:


Love, as always.

Sam xoxo


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