The Light From Dead Stars

Here it is folks, a collection of demos we created in preparation for the second album that, sadly, never was.

I decided to call it “The Light From Dead Stars” because I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that when a star dies light-years away from earth, we can still see it….. it takes so long for the light to reach us, that to our eyes it still seems to be alive and burning.   And so it is with our band… by the time these songs reach your ears, Telegraphs are already gone.

Thanks again to anyone who was involved with the band, and anyone who ever supported us and cared about the music we made – especially those of you who still care enough to download this collection of songs.

Merry Christmas.  Spread the word and enjoy.

Darcy x

click here to download

click here for lyrics

The Light From Dead Stars

01 I’m Scared Of The Sea
02 We Are So Far From Home
03 Broken Tapes
04 Someone’s At The Door
05 Accidents & Emergencies
06 If You Could See Yourself
07 Bobby
08 The Sky Is Falling
09 In The Court Of The King
10 I Will Make A Home For You



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Telegraphs RIP

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to announce that Telegraphs the band is no more.

We have had an incredible five years together and I’m really pleased to say that we’re all still great friends. Of course in many ways that makes it so much harder to let go of the band – it would surely be far easier if we all hated each other, but that is not the case. No. Siree. Bob.

Unfortunately, despite all of our hard work it comes down to simple economics… there was no money to make a second record and we eventually ran out of momentum. As a band we wanted to finish on a high note and not wait for it all to turn bitter.

We want to thank everybody who supported us – everyone who came to a show or bought our album. Anyone who cared about the music we made. We especially want to thank Nicki Forestiero who worked tirelessly on our behalf and was our biggest champion – we love you! Of course a heartfelt thanks goes out to our friends and family who supported us in pursuing our dream together. Also, a big thanks to anyone who has played in the band, helped out by driving us around in Jean-Claude, acted as a tech for us or sold our merch….you all know who you are.

Finally we want to thank the bands that we have played with – especially those with bigger audiences than us, who took us out on the road with them. A list of some of the bands that we have played with follows this message.

Soon I will be uploading the unreleased demos that we have been recording over the past few months. For those that are interested, it will give you an idea of what a second Telegraphs record may have sounded like. The songs are sketches of varying quality, and they will be free to download – the working title for the album is “The Light From Dead Stars”.

Please keep an eye out for members of Telegraphs as they follow new musical pursuits. Sam is already hitting drums in Eager Teeth (

As I said at the end of our last show on Sunday at Bestival – ladies and gentlemen, we were Telegraphs.

Darcy xxx

Just some of the bands we played with;

Manchester Orchestra
Circa Survive
The Get Up Kids
Rival Schools
Funeral for a Friend
Eagles of Death Metal
This City
The Xcerts
The Datsuns
The Dykeenies
Inner Party System
In Case of Fire
Lights Action
Idiot Pilot
Juliette Lewis and the Licks
Save Your Breath
We Are The Ocean
We are the fallen
Doll and the Kicks


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#36. NASS Festival and other adventures.

Hello, sorry for the lack of updateness, I’ve been in a small dark damp smelly room that makes almost all music sound horrible. Luckily we have managed to write some songs that pass the room and sound great. In our opinion that is. You will have to come along to one of the many shows we’ll be playing this year to see for yourself!

Kings College earlier in the week was amazing, even though i busted my wrist 2 days before I still had an amazing time, and now my wrist doesnt hurt so thats all good!

We’re playing Relentless NASS festival in Somerset on the 9th of July, come down and party/BMX with us!

We have loads of new tunes, some of which were recorded and sound immensely immense, so we’re all super excited.

Also, Eddy our tech has recently bought a ‘tech box’, so he is now officially in our crew, he doesnt get paid much/anything but still does the best job to make Hatties gear work because she seems to break anything electrical within a 5 miles radius. Kinda like an EMP on legs! You’ll have to watch 24/play COD to get that one i guess.

Since i last wrote i have discovered loads of incredible bands, here are a few for you to check out:

Moving Mountains: Foreward E.P
Midlake: The Trials of Van Occupanther
MeWithoutYou: It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All A Dream It’s Alright

Yes they all begin with M, yes you’ve probably heard of them before me, I thought Madonna was a breakthrough artist.

Give peas a chance.


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#35. March update!

Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been busy playing Boggle. This is just a quick update of whats going down in the Telegraphs house, plus i found some old funny pictures I thought I’d share!

Our wonderful tech Eddy took some awesome pictures of us in the last month so I’ll add those up as soon as he can work out how to turn his mac on.

The show at Audio the other day was incredible, massive thanks to everyone who came and made noise with us, It was my favourite gig since we played Koko!

Right, so our show with We Are The Fallen is coming up very soon, right after my birthday infact, so it’s gonna be great!

Tickets are HERE.

March 23rd, be there!

Then we’re off on tour with the awesome Brigade, tickets can be found here (Click the Cities).

Cardiff Wednesday 21st April

London Thursday 22nd April

Birmingham Friday 23rd April

Manchester Saturday 24th April

Glasgow Sunday 25th April

We’ll be playing loads of new songs, some of which we finished demoing last week and they sound amazing, I cant wait to show everyone.

The hottest day on earth in Frankfurt playing with The Get Up Kids.

Geoff Rickly is amazing.

Wayne Bridge.

Yeah they got the name wrong, but when you're under Rival Schools it doesnt matter.

More news coming soon x

p.s Apple flapjack is the bestest.

p.p.s check out this Tattoo shop, its siiick:

Sam x

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#34. Demo Time.

So its the second day of our recording time with the awesome GG, we’re right by a lovely River and a Somerfield, what more could you want?

Drums are all tracked so im spending most of my time being bored and occasionally asking for bass booms.

The songs are sounding incredible, cant wait to hear the finished thing.

This is more of a bullet point post, I have nothing else to report, which is a good insight to recording. For me anyway, its a day of constant playing as hard as possible, like a show, but times ten. Then when im done, I have to refrain from annoying Hattie too much for something to do.

Heres some pictures:


I modified Hatties tuner.

Listening to lots of Les Savy Fav, Wintersleep, Manchester Orchestra, Reuben, Four Year Strong, Thrice and Rival Schools.

Reading lots of Rock Sound, Front, Music catalogues that are laying around and whatevers on the walls.

Eating lots of Apples, Go ahead yogurt bars, Chicken, Nuts and Monster Munch.


Sam x

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#33. Mean Everything to Nothing.

Alright kids, how’s it going? Our DJ Set on wednesday was amazing, thanks to everyone that came down and pretended to enjoy Garys songs. He got bored pretty quick and I got to play loads of tunes, including:

Mike and the Mechanics- Over my Shoulder
Journey- Any Way You Want It
Elbow- Grounds For Divorce
Thrice- Image of the Invisible

And loaddds more. I did it whilst being rather drunk too, only managed to pause by mistake once, prrreetttttyyyy good.

Right, to the point of this post:

Get your Pav Tav show tickets here:

We arent on the bill according to that, but thats because The Xcerts like to keep us locked in a cake and then we jump out and scare people like this:



It’s gonna be an amazing night and we’re playing a set of all new super songs for you to not clap at the end at, cos they all finish in odd places and people dont wanna be the first to clap, thats the worst isnt it? Perhaps just clap the whole way through, then you’re covered either way.

I said the word clap about 800 times then. Clap.

Then after that, we’re playing this:

Tickets here:

Hopefully Hattie wont fall over like she did when we played Audio ages ago, what a n00b.

That about covers it i reckon, listen to Mean Everything Nothing by Manchester Orchestra because im beginning to think its my favourite album, and thats a very exclusive spot.

Aidos, I meant to put Adios but Aidos sounds wicked.

Sam x

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#32. London show with We Are The Fallen!

We’re playing with new super dooper band We Are the Fallen on March 23rd at Kings College- London. It’s gonna be wicked, check them out here:

Get tickets here:

In other news, I have just ordered a beautiful cymbal, sweet.

Also, in the past week I have watched the following films:

2012 (what the fuck?)
Hurt Locker (like Jarhead but better)
(500) Days of Summer (Amazing)
17 Again (ha)
Man on Fire (AAAAmazing)

Prreeetttyyy good.

Sam x

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